Tuesday, 13 January 2015

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While I have purchased a new bit of tech, it's not for myself... I decided to treat my better half to an Asus Transformer - complete with chicklet keys (she can keep 'em...)

Asus T1001 transformer
I've accurately measured there is enough room for 4 lanes of traffic between the keys.
It was a relative bargain in the pre-christmas sales and being that I'm not using it I have no problem in purchasing something which has the keyboard equivalent to a bag of walkers crisps...

Sadly I've come into 2015 still lacking a new laptop for myself and believe me, my little Toshiba is thrashing it's death throws, the hdd had all but packed up, was promptly removed and a linux drive rammed in as a measure to just keep the damn thing going.

And it's certainly not looking like I'm going to find a laptop (in my budget) that meets my demands for non-idiotic keys.

Every time I've looked recently the Toshiba models are once again proving to be the only modestly priced hardware that has 'normal' keyboards...

Currently - if I could make up an excuse to make a purchase and not have to contemplate things like having to buy food, Id probably vote for one of these:

Toshiba Satellite PRO C50-A-1KJ

Toshiba Satellite PRO C50-A-1KJ, laptop
image yoinked from: expertreviews.co.uk

Basically no change from my previous target ... hmm I'm seeing a trend emerge here... Anyways:
It runs a not completely pointless intel i5 4200M and regardless of what's under the hood... just look at those keys, begging to be typed on (or more likely have the W,A,S,D thrashed to an inch of their little buttony lives)

Sadly it currently ships for about £600 give or take the price of a bag of chips ... and right now that's not the kind of cash I have to spare (sad panda mode engaged) strangely this price has also risen by some notable amount since I last was 'looking' (see my previous post).

I'm really struggling to find anything made by any other manufacturer that retains 'classic' scissor keys, but if you've spotted one, or even own a 'modern' laptop that has non-scrabble-tile keyboard drop me a line!